Outsourced Accounting Services

Whether you're a large, mid-size, or small business, you will benefit from outsourcing your accounting services, especially when managing time-consuming and detailed accounting functions like combing through financial statements and ensuring the accuracy of your financial reporting and bookkeeping. We offer highly personalized and responsive services that mirror big firm capabilities that drive quality insights and increase your financial efficiency. Our services include:

  • Book-keeping & Day-to-day accounting
  • Accounts Payable processing
  • Accounts Receivable Processing
  • Payroll processing & reporting
  • Bank reconciliation & Cash management
  • Designing control procedures
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Financial Reporting & Compliance
  • Cash Flow Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Corporate Tax Planning and Return Preparation

Payroll Services

Payroll processing is an important part of bookkeeping process, and it highly requires highly industriously efforts. Timely and accurate payroll processing is vital to remain in compliance with tax and other formability and maintaining employee morale.

We can help our customer with the following services:

  • All we need is to set up master details in the payroll software including the address, name, number of dependents, city tax applicability, filling status, deduction for dental and medical insurance, hourly wage rate, FSA, workers compensation coding and so on.
  • Maintain master and employee details- we ought to work with our customers to obtain timely changes for employees and update them in our high end payroll software.
  • Accumulate all required processing information including HR records, timesheets, day offs, sick leave etc in order to determine and make sure that we have provided compensation for these odd balls and deduct the viable amount for the excess holidays taken and so on.
  • Run and provide payroll cycle and report to customers for final review.
  • Once the payroll is submitted we can obtain approval from the customer.
  • Make sure timely filling and compliance of returns including the form 940, 941 and state unemployment and state withholding returns.
  • Make sure you have timely insurance of filling W-3 and form W-2s.

Controller Services

  • Cash Flow Preparation & Forecasting
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Yearly Budget Preparation & periodical analysis
  • Costing, MIS Reports Preparation
  • Preparation of financial statements

Insurance Back Office Services

Not that any US business won’t benefit from Insurance Outsourcing services, but players in the insurance sector have a lot to gain when they go offshore.

Use an Insurance BPO Provider firm to outsource your time consuming, repetitive tasks that your staff hates, and let your team concentrate on the more skilled functions that you probably hired them to do.

Insurance BPO Services We Offer:

  • Insurance Claim Management
  • Insurance Data Entry
  • Insurance Underwriting Services
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable Insurance
  • Policy Checking Services

Invoice Process Outsourcing

We have the gained enough experience and can understand the exact requirements of the client and provide the services accordingly. Some of the key invoicing services we offer include

  • Matching purchase orders to invoices
  • Validating data for the correct code, value etc.
  • Extracting data from the line items and header
  • Checking handling and cashing
  • Full logging of every transaction
  • Scanning original copies of paper invoices
  • Creating receipts of e-invoices
  • Creating PO receipts of supplier invoices

Financial Planning and Analysis Outsourcing Offerings

Enable organisational transformation through USM-SBC’s comprehensive Financial Planning & Analysis outsourcing service

  • Budgeting & analysis for line items: Study income & expenses by grouping related costs together and identify cost saving avenues
  • Roll-ups forecast & consolidation: Gain insights into potential business’ mergers and acquisition to avert risks and drive growth
  • Forecast analysis: Use financial data efficiently to make accurate predictions & take informed business decisions
  • Project reporting: Mitigate risks, monitor budgets, set timelines and build solid project plans with detailed reporting
  • Management accounts: Generate personalised weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports tailored to meet your specific organisational needs
  • Customised reporting: Get access to timely, accurate and in-depth financial reports, delivered in formats of your choice
  • Variance analysis & balance sheet reconciliation: Seamlessly extract and analyse financial data to compare your organisation’s planned and actual performance


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